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This section shows various sample projects from basic interfaces to external hardware/peripherals to a complete Automatic Control and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) design and analysis projects. These projects aims at showing the work flow and benefits of Model-based design and Rapid Prototyping at works. Before diving in these sample projects, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with RapidSTM32 from Learn RapidSTM32 in A Day.

Projects sorted by peripherals or sorted by applications.


  1. Measure water level with a pressure sensor
  2. Open Loop Example: FiO ADC to Simulink Scope and Simulink Slide bar to PWM
  3. Closed Loop Example: FiO ADC to Simulink algorithm to FiO PWM
  4. GPS data logger
  5. A Fault-Tolerant Fuel Control System (Integrate RapidSTM32 Blockset with existing Simulink demos)
  6. A simple GPS Simulation Model
  7. A Simple Traffic Light This example shows how to build a simple Finite State Machine (Stateflow) Model.
  8. Driving a 4-digits 7-Segment LED module
  9. Count down using 7-segment aMG LED7s4d-A Module
  10. Controlling PWM duty cycle with a potentiometer
  11. Simulating and Driving 7/14/16 Segment LED
  12. Making a simple volt meter
  13. Adjust Simulink Block Parameters during HIL simulation (run-time)
  14. Three more Virtual COM port HIL Simulation Examples
  15. Digital Low Pass Filter Demonstration
  16. Basic EXTI Interrupt & Function-Call Sub-systems Demonstration
  17. Basic Timer (timebase) Interrupt & Function-Call Sub-systems Demonstration
  18. Interface PlayStation®2 (DUALSHOCK®2 Analog Controller) Joystick with Simulink
  19. Interface with LSM303DLH accelerometer/magnetometer sensor on an iNEMO board with I2C Block
  20. Reading Ascii Formatted Data Packet Stream with the Target USART Receive Block
  21. Interfacing FiO Board with a PS/2 Keyboard
  22. Interfacing FiO Board and Android Phone via Bluetooth (Andriod to FiO)
  23. Interfacing FiO Board and Android Phone via Bluetooth (FiO to Andriod)
  24. Interfacing FiO Board and Android Phone via Bluetooth (Between Andriod and FiO - Closed Loop)
  25. USART Hardware Flow Control with two FiOs
  26. Low-Pass Digital Filtering
  27. Using EXTI Block to measure the time interval between two low-to-high signals
  28. Interfacing FiO Board with SPI
  29. FiO Lite Toggle LED Demo
  30. Complex User Interface with aMG CLCD and Stateflow
  31. Using Stateflow chart to control how to display on a character LCD
  32. Toggle pins before and after UART Transmission
  33. A simple Arbitrary Function Generator
  34. Using Stateflow to control LED sequence and LCD display
  35. Arbitrary waveform generator, toggle at a push of a button
  36. Reading aMG IMU - 9A data
  37. Generating PWM signal synchronized with a sine wave
  38. Making a Tilt-Compensated Compass from FiO Board and aMG IMU - 9A

Development Underway

  1. Balancing Robot (FiO boards + Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0)
  2. Generating a sine wave with Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)
  3. Remote control car
  1. Teach basic DSP concept with RapidSTM32 Lowpass Digital Filter Block
  2. High power DC motor control
  3. Controlling LED brightness (with PWM) from Simulink
  4. Controlling a servo motor in real-time from Simulink
  5. DC Motor (Lego Mindstorms NXT Motor) Simulation and PID Position Controller Design

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