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About us

Aimagin Co.,Ltd. was established on 9th Feb 2010 in Bangkok Thailand, to commercialize FiO Std Board and RapidSTM32 Blockset. The blockset was the result of an academic research project sponsored by the Thailand Research Funds (TRF) and Royal Thai Naval Academy (RTNA), to develop teaching tools in Feedback Control System Theory, to marine engineering cadets who are not accustomed to microcontroller programming. RapidSTM32 Blockset was a Simulink Add-on Blockset, based on Matlab/Simulink code generation technology. The technology aims at providing Advanced Rapid Prototyping tools for embedded engineers to apply Model-Based Design, to shorten the time and simplify complex embedded system design and development tasks. The original RapidSTM32 Blockset features:

  • Cortex-M3 Core STM32F103RE MCU
  • Bootloader enabling 4 operating modes, hence the name FiO (Four-in-One)
    • In-application programming mode (USB HID Interface)
    • Run stand-alone program mode
    • Mass Storage Device mode
    • Data acquisition / Signal Generation (when programmed to run in stand-alone model
  • Blocksets
    • Standard Peripherals such as Digital IO, ADC/DAC, SPI, Virtual USB
    • Data logger
    • Hardware in the Loop (HIL) Test
    • Automatic compile and download
    • Supported compiler: ARM RVMDK
    • Hardware simulation such as Character LCD and 7/16 Segment LED
  • FiO Std Board was marketed at 2,700 THB with activation mechanism to enable RapidSTM32 Blockset. 

The company introduced its 2nd generation Simulink embedded target blockset, Waijung Blockset, in 2012. Waijung is a Thai word meaning "So fast". Waijung Blockset features:

  • Improved mechnisms to quickly and easily integrate more embedded targets and more robust task scheduler.
  • Supported compilers: GNU GCC, ARM RVMDK, IAR EWARM
  • Supported Targets
  • More advanced features (These features together form the basis for the company's follow-on research, focusing into development tools for low-power combined wired/wireless network monitoring and control systems.): 
    • Ethernet (STM32F4) - FiO 2
    • Image processing - FiO 2
    • Wireless (ANT/BLE) - FiO Glide
    • Waijung Webpage Designer (W2D) - Javascript library that enables users to quickly and easily create a network monitoring and control application (web pages) by drag-and-drop.
  • Waijung Blockset was originally released without any activation mechanism. Users can freely use the software. However, users were asked to purchase licenses according to their usages. 

Since 2013, the company has focused its research effors to extending the benefits of Rapid Prototyping and Model-Based Design, to low-power wire/wireless network monitoring and control applications. The efforts have led the company to investigate and colaborate on many projects such as evaporative cooling control system for green houses, temperature control for plant nursary, refridgerator temperature monitoring system, data center monitoring system. All such control systems will have advanced control algorithms running on the targets with graphic users interface via HTML 5 web pages, that can be accessed from anywhere anytime in the world. 

The company moves to a new home (the current address at Bang Muang) in July 2015.

Our Products and Services

The followings are the core products and services of the company.

  • Waijung Blockset 
  • FiO Board and other electronics modules
  • Custom Blockset Development
  • Contract Embedded System Design and Manufacturing


ISO 29110 Aimagin   ISO 29110 Certificate Aimagin

As of January 2016, Aimagin is accredited with Management System as per ISO/IEC 29110:2011 for the scope of Software Project Management and Software Implementation Processes.

Aimagin Analytics is listed in the Thai Innovation List from March 2018.


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