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XCP Block

  • Universal communication method used mainly in the automotive industry to communicate with vehicle controlling ECU without having the need to rebuild and flash the program each time.
  • This is a basic implementation of the XCP protocol. It only takes care of the parameter upload and variable download functions.
  • This allows real time communication with calibration and measuring of signals from a ESP32 which allows for tuning the program variables based on real world conditions. Ex- tuning of a PID controller.
  • Automatic A2L file generation based on ASAP Version 1.71 for Matlab R2021a and later. A2L format file contains all the information to access the information, the ECU code does not have to be recompiled to access different measurements or calibrations.
  • The communication speed is based on the limitation of the protocol used for communicating with the XCP Master. Currently only XCP over Serial is available.
XCP Block
  • XCP is used to signify “Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol” while the X stands for the interchangeable transport layer used for this protocol. “Measurement” implies retrieving values stored in RAM and being updated by the ECU program. “Calibration” implies tuning or changing values stored in the RAM of the ECU as required.
  • Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems (ASAM) is an organization of automotive OEMs, suppliers and tool producers. XCP has been standardized by an ASAM working committee. This standard has been introduced as a successor for the CCP (CAN Calibration Protocol).
  • XCP was developed to permit read and write access to internal ECU data over different communication methods. This gives the user the ability to communicate with ECU on a preferred communication network without having to connect a programmer directly to the ECU. XCP is a standard used commonly for most of the handheld calibration tools used for “programming” ECU’s.
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