New Release!! Waijung 2 version 23.2a

New Release!! Waijung 2 version 23.2a
Waijung 2 is helping to convert MATLAB/Simulink into Microcontroller without writing the code. You just drag-drop blocks and run, then Simulink can be connected to the Microcontroller.
This time, Aimagin has optimized the performance of Waijung 2 (for ESP32 and Xilinx Zynq-7000), to make it work smoothly and more easily with new features

What's new in Waijung 2 for ESP32?
1.Added ESP-NOW block with long range mode: exchange data in a connectionless manner between multiple ESP32 boards.

2.Added AWS IoT Core block: publish and receive data to & from Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT core which utilizes MQTT protocol.
3.Added MQTT block: publish and receive data using MQTT protocol and MQTT Client software. Available over both TCP and TLS connection types.

What's improved for ESP32?
1.Upgraded to ESP IDF 4.4.3.
2.Optimized the build process to reduce build time by >25%
3.Fixed the negative time error in java when using the Thai calendar.
4.Improved the SPP-BLE block to send and receive string buffer.
5.Improved the UART block to receive raw buffer.
6.Improved the UID read block to output MAC addresses of various network adapters.

What's new in Waijung 2 for Xilinx Zynq-7000?
Added AXI memory map block.

What's improved for Waijung 2 for Xilinx Zynq-7000?
1.Modified the UART block to optimize the Rx buffer
2.Fixed the typos in demos in GPIO demo.
3.Fixed the GPIO interrupt issue when no pin is selected in Digital Input block.

Waijung 2 User Guide (Blocks details)

Aimagin hopes that Waijung 2 version 23.2a can help to reduce the workload. We will continue to develop our products. Thank you for all the support as always. If you are interested in using Waijung, please see the details as below;

Waijung 2 for ESP32
Waijung 2 for Xilinx Zynq-7000