Aimagin IoT Solution

Aimagin IoT Solution

Which problems does Aimagin solve?

1. You want to make your products smarter.

        ⦿ To securely monitor, configure, update, and control devices from anywhere in the world.

        ⦿ To offer additional value-added services to end customers, such as predictive maintenance or energy usage monitoring.

2. You want to go to market as soon as possible.

        ⦿ With well-proven and reliable solution

3. But you do not have an in-house development team.

IoT requires a broad range of expertises.

        ⦿  Electronics system design

        ⦿  Firmware development

        ⦿  Servers configuration and backup

        ⦿  Database, network & security setup

        ⦿  Web app development

        ⦿ AI model development

Aimagin offers a complete IoT solution.

        ⦿ Data collection

                Electronics hardware interface board

                Firmware development

                AI model development

        ⦿ Industry standard secure connectivity

        ⦿ Data analytics platform

                True big data

                Data analysis

                AI model training, selection and verification

                Dashboard & report generation

        ⦿ Device management and backup system

What are customer benefits?

1. Lowest risk offers

        ⦿ We can start with NO initial costs.*

2. Key features

        ⦿ Complete data

                ⦾ No-missing data

                       ○ Data can be stored on-devices and automatically re-sent to server in case of unexpected network failures

                ⦾ Maximum base sampling rate of 1 Hz

                       ○ To acquire as complete data as possible.

                ⦾ High sampling rate (25Hz) can be triggered.

                       ○ On data changes only, enabling detailed transient response analysis while minimizing the amount of data.

        ⦿ Every node is on-site and online firmware updatable

                ⦾ Easily uploading of new features, parameters, or a new AI model.

        ⦿ Every node is on-site and online configurable

                ⦾ Easily manage and maintain system.

        ⦿ Comprehensive alert settings

                ⦾ Multi-channel costomizable condition alert setting.

        ⦿ Optional ultra low power wireless connectivity (Thread) available

        ⦿ Security

                ⦾ Support HTTPS and VPN

3. Customizable

        ⦿ High level of customization to fulfill most user needs.

Proof points

Our expertise

        ⦿ Aimagin is a Mathworks 3rd party developer.

        ⦿ Aimagin is a Value Added Developer for Iridium.

        ⦿ Our big data analytics platform, "Aimagin Analytics", is on the Thailand Innovation List.

What have we done for a distributed transformer manufacturer?

        ⦿ What: Develop hardware gateway and data analytics platform for their products.

        ⦿ Objective:Monitor distributed transformer status and provide necessary alert.

        ⦿ Status/Results:Getting ready to market.

What have we done for an automotive parts manufacturer?

        ⦿ What: Develop both fixed and mobile systems to monitor energy usage in production lines.

        ⦿ Objective: Monitor energy usages, analyse and suggest energy reduction strategy.

        ⦿ Results: Policy developed which resulted in unexpected power saving (on average 70 systems could be switched off instead of running idle)

What to do next?               

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This project of Aimagin Co.,Ltd was supported by the Program Management Unit for Competitiveness (PMUC) for the research and development of innovation. PMUC is a research funding unit that operates under the legal framework of the Office of National Higher Education Science Research and Innovation Policy Council (NXPO),Thailand.

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